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“Curry set hims…

April 15, 2013 Leave a comment

“Curry set himself apart from many regulators because of his sensitivity to those with little political clout”…”Curry pushed for substantial fines if pollution impacted low-income neighborhoods”.

“He did get at odds with members of industry and sometimes regulators and sometimes communities, but he was always able to talk to those folks and work with them”

Here is a short article that I thought hit close to home (Texas) and would be interesting for y’all to read!

It is about Ron Curry  EPA’s new administrator for Region 6.

In some of our other academic courses, we have learned the corruption of many government organizations by industries. This situation may prove otherwise, at least for Mr. Curry and EPA region 6.

I applaud Mr. Curry’s efforts by  blatantly pushing for environmental justice in low-income neighborhoods, a courageous yet rare thing to do.


Final EJ Statement of EPA Administrator

February 21, 2013 Leave a comment

What are your thoughts on the final comments on environmental justice in the US by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson? Check out her statement:   Reducing Pollution For All American Families | Environmental Justice.

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