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Reflection Essay 2

Abigail Corbett

Reflection Essay #2



As an oil and gas brat who has been moved from petroleum country to the next for my father’s job, I was interested to see the film’s argument. Obviously I am against anything that has negative effects of the environment, but at the same time I am a realist. I know that oil and gas companies are not mining these resources because they think it is fun. In the same breathe, the companies are not polluting because they think it is thrilling to see how polluted they can make the world; these companies are minimizing their costs; they are doing it to turn a profit, and a large one at that. If there was no demand for these nasty fossil fuels, production would not exist.

Additionally, the oil and gas companies are not doing anything unlawful. These people signed official legal documents in order for the mining and drilling to start on their property. Additionally, these companies have one goal- profit. Why would they do things that are not required that cost more when the government does not require them by law to do so? The answer is simple and seen everyday- they don’t.

I believe Gasland is one example of how the government regulation has failed these people. Fracking should be allowed, but it needs regulation. Expecting the companies to regulate themselves in unrealistic, but regulation set nationwide to protect the people and habitats by the government is the only solution. These companies are not to blame; after all, America is a market based economy. It is in our culture to succeed in this environment in order to get the ‘American Dream’. So why are the companies being attacked and not the government? Aren’t the consumers a little to blame as well? The companies are just giving us what we want, and at the price we want.



** I am not pro industry in anyway; however, I believe blaming the industry for all the flaws ignores the multidimensional characteristics of this problem.

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